This is a simple explanation to show you how to design your Microsite page. You are provided with all of the tools needed to customize this page.

Required Steps

A) Create Microsite Template
B) Customize Microsite Page
C) How To Add Image/Logo To Your Microsite

A) Create Microsite template

Please see this set up guide to get started with Creating Microsites

*If you have already enabled Microsites please proceed to Step 2.

B) Customize this page

In the Microsite Builder click Actions and then Design

  1. Design the font, add links etc. using this tool bar
  2. Add a header into this text/image box
  3. Left text/image box
  4. Right text/image box

5. Add a footer into this text/image box

Save your edits!

C) How To Add Image/Logo To Your Microsite

Select the Email Editor on the left hand side of the Event Dashboard

  1. Scroll down to where you can upload a file
  1. Choose the image you wish to load into the Microsite and click Open
  1. Once you have done this a scripted URL will populate down below where the image was loaded. Copy this script/URL address
  1. Go back into the microsite builder and click Actions
  2. Click back into Design
  1. Highlight the area of the page that you would like the image/logo to appear
  2. Click on Media
  1. Paste the script you had copied and paste it in the url space
  2. Click on the Insert Media button

Last but not least save your edits!

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