Table of Contents

  1. Register For PicPic Social

  2. Download & Install The Device Server

  3. Configure/Setup The PicPic Social Device Server

  4. Download The Sharing Station Software

  5. Connect The Sharing Station To The Device Server

  6. Creating & Editing Event Settings

Creating & Editing Event Settings

Welcome to the PicPic Social Dashboard. From the Events tab click the +New Event button to setup your first event.

The only two fields that are mandatory are your event Date and the event Name. All of the other information is for you to keep track and organize your events.

  1. Event Name: The name of event that you are creating.

  2. Date: The date of your event. This is very important since once this is set it cannot be changed. 

  3. Event Type: Classify whether it is a Social Event or a Marketing Event. 

  4. City: The City in which the event is taking place in.

  5. State: The State in which the event is taking place in.

  6. Venue Name/Location: The name of the venue in which the event will be taking place.

  7. Client: The name of your client.

*Within the ‘General Settings’ portion, you can now modify the following settings:

  1. Upload all photos to Event Cloud gallery: Event cloud includes online photo storage. Any photos created at your event will be uploaded to your online gallery. *this feature will automatically be enabled unless you uncheck the box.

  2. Facebook Automatic Page Uploads: You can have all of your event photos auto post to your Facebook fan page while they are being taken.

  3. Apply watermark/overlay to all landscape or portrait images: Apply a watermark to every photo that as it is being created.

  4. Enable Disclaimer: Display a prompt that asks users to agree to a legal disclaimer before they can share their event photo.

  5. Hashtag Printing Enabled: Shows options to use custom Facebook & Twitter App IDs.

  6. Show Advanced settings – Shows microsites/unique URL settings.

  • Instagram Sharing: Allows your event guests to post their event photos to Instagram. Instagram is a functioning beta and this feature may stop working at any time.

  • Facebook Settings: Allows your guests to post their event photos to their personal Facebook page. Guests will be prompted to login but will be automatically signed out once sharing is completed.

  • Twitter Settings: Allow your guests to post event photos to their personal Twitter wall. Guests will be prompted to login but will be automatically signed out once sharing is completed.

  • Email Settings: Allows guests to email their event photos to any email.

  • Text Messaging: Guests can share their event photo through text message if they don’t use social media or if they want to share later.

  • Printing: Allow your guests to choose to print their image right from the sharing station with a touch of a button.

Customization & Branding

  1. Event Title For Sharing Station: Apply a title that appears on your social sharing station.

  2. Sharing Station Custom Background Image: This field allows for you to upload a custom background for your sharing station. Click here for a great guide on how to upload a custom background image.

  3. When you are done setting up your event click Create Event

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