Instead of sending images directly to an attendee, you can now have image/video files posted to a branded landing page, also known as a Microsite. When images are posted to a Microsite users will receive their file as a URL LINK which will direct them to the Microsite. This is perfect for generating traffic to a website and increasing the number of impressions for your client. This guide will show you how to get started with using this feature for advertising your brand!

Required Steps

A) Create A Microsite Template
B) Customize The Template
C) Edit Your Event For Microsites

A) Create A Microsite Template

Once you have created your event click on the Microsite Builder in your event dashboard

  1. Click on New Microsite Template
  1. Name the event template you are creating
  2. Select whether you want to allow the Full Gallery or the Single Image View in the Microsite style

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like a more in-depth guide on all of the Basic Microsite Settings please view the following guide here.

  1. Click the box to choose the Font Color using this color grid
  2. Choose the Background Color (the full width dimensions are 1920px x 1080px)
  3. Choose the Link Color
  1. Click on the drop down to choose the Link Color
  2. Click browse to upload a Background Image
  3. Choose Fixed, Full stretched or Repeated for the display of the background
  4. Title the page
  5. Include a Description
  6. Add a Twitter Description if applicable
  7. Click check box to enable a Custom Social Image
  8. Click browse to upload a Custom Social Image
  1. Enter your Custom Script here without <Script> tags
  2. Enter your Google Analytics tracking code
  3. Enable this check box to allow Direct post to social media on the users behalf
  4. Enable this check box to Share GIF link directly

Click Submit once you have finished editing settings.

B) Customize The Template

Below we've linked you to guides that elaborate on all of the Advance Microsite settings. These guides will break down everything you need to do to make a unique Microsite along the lines of this.

How To Use The Microsite Virtual Designer

How To Customize Microsite Social Sharing Cards

How To Add A Logo To Your Microsite

How To Adjust Microsite Instagram Settings

E-Mail Embed Tags

C) Edit Your Event For Microsites

In the event dashboard under Microsites/Unique URL

  1. Choose which sharing options that you would like for the event attendees to receive Microsite URL link instead of the actual photo.
  2. Select the new Microsite template that you have created in the Microsite Builder.
  3. Enable the ability to use a Custom URL
  4. Set the Custom URL within this field
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