Table of Contents

  1. Register For PicPic Social

  2. Download & Install The Device Server

  3. Configure/Setup The PicPic Social Device Server

  4. Download The Sharing Station Software

  5. Connect The Sharing Station To The Device Server

  6. Creating & Editing Event Settings

Configure/Setup The PicPic Social Device Server

Login with your new PicPic Social login information.

  1. Enter the Email associated with your PicPic Social account.

  2. Enter your password.

  3. Click OK once you are done.

  1. Choose a Display name

  2. Create a Password

  3. Select your Event: If you do not see you event in the drop down, go to your event dashboard and make sure the date is current. Click on Update

  4. Click Add to choose the Watch Folder

  1. Add your folder by clicking next to Folder

  2. Click Next

  1. Click on Select Folder and choose your watch folder from the drop down

  2. Click OK

If you wish to monitor more than one folder REPEAT STEPS starting with STEP 4. 

Want to EDIT your choices?

  1. Make sure that the choice you want to edit it highlighted

  2. Click Edit to change the current options

  3. Click Remove to get rid of this altogether

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