PicPic Social can be run on a Mac OS system running Windows through Parallels or Fusion from VMWare. If you have installed PicPic Social on a virtualized system in this manner, you may face issues with the device being unable to find the PC. This guide will help you fix the issue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a wireless connection on your Mac and a bridged network in the virtual machine, make sure that your WIFI router (e.g. Airport Extreme, Time capsule, etc.) is not configured to provide WIFI access by a MAC address. 

To ensure the PC Device Server and iPad/Android sharing station can find each other on the same WIFI network, the WIFI card on the Mac must be “Bridged.” To do so, open the network configuration screen by selecting Devices > Network 1 > Configure

From the configuration screen, change the following settings:

  1. Type - Select WIFI from the drop down list

  2. Check Send the host’s MAC address to the DHCP server

Once your settings have been set, close the window. It will save the settings automatically.


If you have followed all of the steps as described above, enabled a bridged connection, but the iPad/android is not finding the PC. The router you are using may be the issue. Try using a mobile hotspot such as your phone or any other device.

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