This guide will take you through the steps of creating your custom Email Template for each event. This feature allows you to continue to advertise yourself even after the event is over. You can promote your client this way as well.

Required Steps

[A] Create An Email Template
[B] Add Images/Logo Into Your Email Template
[C] Integrate Your Custom Email Template Into Your Desired Event

[A] Create An Email Template

  • Click on Email Editor
  • Click New Template
  1. Name of Template
  2. Edit, Format etc..
  3. Enter the body of your Email here:

[B] Add Images/Logo Into Your Email Template

  1. Drag or upload your file to this space
  2. Copy the URL that shows up next to the image you would like to use
  1. After you have copied the URL, click on the image icon
  1. Paste the URL here then click OK
  • After your email is created how you like click on Create Template

[C] Integrate Your Custom Email Template Into Your Desired Event

  1. Go to the events tab and click on the Actions button. Select Edit from the drop down.
  1. In the Event Sharing Options, click on the checkbox to enable Email Sharing

*Scroll down to the Email Settings portion of the Event Cloud Dashboard that appears

  1. Enter your From Email Address (*It is recommended that you use a your personal domain to ensure delivery. Domains such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. are high traffic and are not guaranteed to be delivered).
  2. Enter your From Name
  3. Choose a Subject line that best suits your event
  4. Click on the drop box to choose the Email Template you have just made with Email Editor

After you have filled in your Email settings click Update Event!

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