Table of Contents

  1. Register For PicPic Social

  2. Download & Install The Device Server

  3. Configure/Setup The PicPic Social Device Server

  4. Download The Sharing Station Software

  5. Connect The Sharing Station To The Device Server

  6. Creating & Editing Event Settings

Connect The Sharing Station To The Device Server

Run The PicPic Social app on your sharing station.

Click here if you get a message that says "Server Not Found"

Select the Device Server - You will see a white box appear. Tap the Device Server you are trying to connect to. 

If you have more than one server running simultaneously make sure that you are selecting the correct one. You can name each server in the General Settings tab of your PC Device Server. Within the Server Information under in the Display Name field you can adjust the server name. You can also adjust the Server Password in this section as well.

Enter Server Password - Enter the password created on the Device Server. If you did not setup a server password on the Device Server than press Sign In to continue.

Share - Select a photo and choose from the sharing features you have made available i.e. Facebook and follow the steps to test each feature.


Now that you have setup PicPic Social it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dashboard and editing your own events...

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