Create your Survey

Please go to and click on New Survey

Enter the initial survey information in the spaces provided:

  1. Survey name 
  2. Survey title shown on device
  3. Survey description
  4. Mandatory/optional check box
  5. When the survey should appear
  6. Uploading a welcome screen

Click on Create Survey

Now time to create your survey questions. Click on New question to move forward.

Now create your question in the description space and decide what kind of response you would like. I will show you an example of a couple replies. 

The one below is set up to receive a text response, or single line response. Also you will see a space that says 'Question screen', you can upload a custom background for when the question appears. 

Click on Create Question

Click on New question

The example below is a multiple choice question. 

Click on Create Question

Now log into your event dashboard and add the survey to your event settings. This can be found under General Settings.

Click into the drop down menu to select your survey 

Viewing your survey on the iPad screen:

Below you will see the title screen of the survey. 

Below is an example of a survey screen showing the line/text response

Below is an example of a multiple choice question.

Viewing your Survey Responses:

You can easily view your survey responses by going to and click actions > responses

OR if you have the data collection feature as part of your plan you can easily get to your responses this way and even connect the response to the user who shared by clicking 'view' in the survey column of your data info.

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