THE PHOTO ACADEMY provides its teaching materials to enable you to offer courses wherever you want.

These courses have been taught for 8 years in 44 cities by THE PHOTO ACADEMY and they each include a theoretical, practical and debriefing part. Four workshops are dedicated to beginners who wish to learn beyond the automatic mode, and the others are part of artistic development (for people who don't shot in automatic mode). 

The course topics are the following: 

Course Zero: First steps in photography

Course #1: Camera settings (3h30)

Course #2: Aperture and depth of field (3h30)

Course #3: Shutter speed and movement (3h30)

Course #4: Light and focus (3h30)

Review the essentials (3h30)

Composition (3h30)

Night photography (3h30)

The portrait (3h30)

Black and white (3h30)

Street photography (3h30)

Reportage  (3h30)

Architecture (3h30)

Introduction course to pinhole (3h30)

Photoshop level 1 (3h30)

Photoshop level 2 (3h30)

Lightroom level 1 (3h30)

Lightroom level 2 (3h30)

Lightroom level 3 (3h30)

It is necessary to complete the reading of each pedagogical content before being able to put the activity online, each course content is priced at 39€ (payment only once). 

It is not possible to modify the course description in the listing, but it is possible to modify the illustration photos and price.

Here's a quick video to show you how to get the contents and propose a THE PHOTO ACADEMY course.

️You can offer these courses wherever you want to propose photography lessons.

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