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FAQ: How do I send a gift subscription?
FAQ: How do I send a gift subscription?
Sending a gift subscription is easy, but here are best practices to follow to send a perfect gift.
Written by Justin Ashton
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Ready to send a unique, flavor-packed gift that keeps your loved one, friend, or business associate excited to cook and try new recipes month after month?

You're in the right place!

Tips to Successful Gifting with Piquant Post

  • During checkout, make sure to tick the box "this is a gift" to open gift features

to send a gift, tick the box "this is a gift"
  • Decide if you want your gift subscription to renew, or to be a one time gift. If you don't want the gift to renew, untick the box "this gift should renew" (only available for 6 & 12 month prepaid subscriptions - monthly subscriptions always renew unless cancelled)

If the gift is set to renew, it will renew either 180 or 365 days after your purchase. If you forget to untick this box, you can always cancel the gift right after purchase and the recipient will still receive the 6 or 12 prepaid orders from the original term.

  • Enter the gift recipient's email only where we request it (the "Recipient E-mail" field):

When you send a gift, we will send the gift recipient an email explaining:

What the gift is

Who sent it

Where to find more info

Important! This email is the only notification your gift recipient will receive. Enter a correct email (we never spam)... there are no printed gift inserts inside the first order.

  • Enter a date and gift message

Important! Enter a date before the gift will arrive. It's better to send the email early (a few days to a week after you purchase it) than have the physical gift arrive before the email. Recipients can get confused and might throw it out (it has happened :/

Your gift recipient may not expect the email and may not see it. It's best practice to check in that they receive the gift. If they didn't see your gift message email, ask them to search their email including promotions, junk, spam folders for our business name "Piquant Post" (note spelling)

Finally, we will send the email around the date you choose (our email software queues up our emails with other business and the email might be delivered the night before or the morning after you select based on server email volume and time zone differences). We do not guarantee gift email delivery on the date you select as it is out of our control.

  • Critical! Enter your email (the buyer's email) in the Contact Information box:

Entering your recipient's email here will send the purchase receipt to them not you and then connect the order to their email, not yours.

This email is also where we send product shipping notices.

  • Critical! Enter the recipient's permanent mailing address in the shipping address box

this is where we will ship the gift orders. For US recipients, this has to be an address with a mailbox (ie, where they get their mail).

Tip: We don't recommend delivering the first order to yourself as we don't guarantee mail delivery times and there's a chance it may not arrive by the date you plan to hand it to your recipient (all carriers have announced ongoing delivery delays during the pandemic).

However, if you agree to take the risk of it not arriving before your planned gifting date, we can change the first order to ship to you. Please first purchase the order with the permanent address. Then, reach out to our support chat and leave a message that you want to change the first order's delivery address to your own, and leave your name and address and purchase order number PPXXXXX. We'll update it as soon as possible and reply to confirm when it is done.

Tip: Please be aware of our unique shipping cycle. We begin to ship subscriptions orders on the 15th and we close our shipping cycle on the 25th of each month. If you order before the 15th, your recipient's first order will ship on the 15th. If you order on the 17th, for example, the first order will ship in 1-2 business days. If you order on the 26th, your recipient's first order ships in the next month's cycle (ie, the next 15th of the month).

Follow these tips and your gift subscription will be the hit gift you expect!

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