The Basics of Plaato Airlock

Get to know the mechanics of your Plaato Airlock

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Plaato Airlock is digital airlock designed for the home-brewer. It is non-invasive, therefore it estimates the Specific Gravity (SG).

SG is estimated by reading the amount of bubbles (CO2) produced by the fermentation. The unit Specific Gravity (SG) is used for gravity.

Components of PLAATO Airlock

Airlock Parts

Three data inputs are used to estimates the specific gravity (SG) 👇🏼

  • Batch volume (The operational batch size is 1 - 13 US gallons/ 2 - 50L.)

  • Original Gravity (OG) of the specific batch

  • CO2 produced by the fermentation

SG Estimation

In order to get an accurate SG-estimation, your measured Original Gravity (OG) and Batch Volume variables must be accurate at the start of your batch. The more accurate your inputs for Volume and OG are, the more accurate the gravity estimations by your Plaato Airlock will be.

We understand that having SG estimates that are as accurate as possible is important.

This is why we have designed the Plaato App to allow you update your Airlock's SG estimation by setting the measured SG directly in the app after you sample your fermentation.

SG-estimation has two different modes you can use:

  1. Normal mode - This uses the general estimation algorithm.

  2. Learning mode - This mode uses your data inputs to enhance the unique estimation algorithm of your Airlock.

Accuracy of gravity measurements with regular hydrometers is rarely better than ±0.003 SG This is due to the vast number of parameters that affect the reading.

Plaato Airlock's SG-estimation algorithm is constantly in development.

Your feedback is valued in improving this model.


Plaato Airlock measures the ambient temperature, that is the air temperature around the Airlock. It measures temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

If you want to jump straight to first-time setup for your Airlock, click here

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