Stuck Tritan + Smart Part

Sometimes the Tritan Part can get stuck in the Smart Part of your Airlock

Apply more pressure to pull them apart. If you are still unable to separate them, send in a video showing the issue. You can use the messenger app at the bottom right of this page.

Can I purchase extra Tritan and Bubblers?

No. We currently only offer these parts as replacement parts for a defective Airlock under the one-year warranty.

Power Supply

Can the Plaato Airlock run on battery?

No, the Plaato Airlock needs to be plugged into power constantly when in use.

We recommend using a power adapter that provides minimum 5V and 2amps.

Is the Plaato Airlock chargeable?

No, the Plaato Airlock only runs on direct power supply from a socket/power outlet.

Dimensions of Plaato Airlock

What are the dimensions of Plaato Airlock?

Please click here to view the full specifications of Plaato Airlock

Upgrading from V2 to V3

Is it free to upgrade from V2 to V3?

Yes, it is free to upgrade.

How do I upgrade from V2 to V3?

  1. Write to us through the messenger app at the bottom right of this page or through

  2. Attach the order confirmation/receipt for the purchase of your Airlock V2.

  3. Send us a full picture of your Airlock V2, showing the Cap and bottom of the Smart-part

Can Plaato Airlock be disinfected?

Yes, Plaato is 100% compatible with StarSan, bleach and other products available for disinfection.

Note: Do not use StarSan, bleach and other foamy agents in the airlock during fermentation.

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