If your Plaato Keg stops powering on when you connect it to power, it might be that some liquid has gotten into your Keg leading to some oxidisation or that your Plaato Keg is not receiving enough power supply.

Check the power cable

If you have an additional and functioning Plaato Keg, please swap its power cable to use in powering the defective Plaato Keg. Does it come on?

Power cycle

Leave your Plaato Keg unplugged and off for a time period and then power it up again.

If it still does not respond, please make a video of the Plaato Keg being irresponsive & send it in, letting us know you have tried a different power cable and it still did not power on.

You can write in through the messenger app at the bottom right of this page or via email to support@plaato.io

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