Updating Specific Gravity - Plaato Airlock

How to adjust the SG on Plaato Airlock

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If the estimated Specific Gravity measurement reported by Plaato Airlock has a wide variance from a measured Specific Gravity of your brew, you can manually update the SG in your Plaato App:

  • Launch your Plaato App

  • On your home page, Tap on the Plaato Airlock device you want to update

  • Tap on "Update SG" in the top navigation menu

  • Click on the drop down menu under "Manually update Specific Gravity"

  • Enter in the measured SG Value

  • Click on "Learning On" so your Airlock will start to learn and move close to the entered value.

  • If you do not want your Airlock to learn from your manual update click on "Learning Off"

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