Connect Plaato Airlock to WiFi - iOS

Step-by-step guide on how to connect Plaato Airlock on iOS

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To connect your Plaato Airlock on an iOS device, follow these steps.

Dowload the Plaato iOS App here: App Store.


  1. First off, check that your Plaato Airlock is in "Setup-mode" If it is not. Disconnect and reconnect it to power.

  2. Sign into the Plaato App and click on "Add New Device"

3. Type in your WiFi network SSID and password and click on "Continue".

Ensure you are entering the correct SSID and password. Note: Plaato Airlock only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.

4. Check that your device is powered on and in setup mode, then tap "Ready."

5. Now you need to connect to the Plaato's WiFi Hotspot. Click on "Go to settings" You will be redirected to your phone settings. Go to your WiFi settings and select your Plaato Device from the list of available networks.

6. Select the network with the name "PLAATO-XXXXXX" The Xs will be a unique ID for your device.

7. When you have successfully connected to your Plaato WiFi Hotspot, you can switch back to the Plaato app.

8. Your Plaato device will now configure the WiFi connection. This process may take up to a few minutes. If it fails, try again, the setup process may not succeed on the first try.

9. Once the "Final Check" has successfully been passed, your Plaato Airlock's connection is now complete 🎉 You can customise by giving it a name.

To add another Plaato Airlock tap on "+ Add another device".

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