Plaato Airlock - Safety Considerations

Important things to consider when using your Plaato Airlock

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The Plaato Airlock should be handled with care when in use. It should also be stored carefully when not in use. Here are some things to consider:

What to check before using the Plaato Airlock

  • Make sure the USB-socket on the Airlock is dry when you connect it to power. The Airlock is water-resistant, but if there is moisture in the power port when you connect it to power, it will damage the product.

  • Use the provided USB-gasket that was delivered with your order. This will help stop blow-off or liquid overflow, from getting into your USB-socket.

  • Do not use foaming agents such as Star San in the airlock during fermentation, due to the risk of overflowing.

  • You can use plain tap-water for your Airlock, as it will normally not be in contact with your brew.

  • Do not submerge your Airlock's Smart-part in water.

  • Do not use a dishwasher to clean any parts of the Plaato Airlock.

  • Make sure your Airlock is receiving power supply of; 5V and minimum 1.5A

What to check when the Plaato Airlock is in use

  • Fill the Plaato Airlock with water up to the line indicated on your Bubbler.

  • Avoid strong sources of light, and maintain the ambient lighting condition where your fermenter is placed throughout your brew.

    Your Plaato Airlock counts bubbles by using an IR-Sensor. Strong light is not only bad for your brew, but will also affect your Plaato Airlock's ability to sense bubbles. Your device requires maintaining normal ambient lighting conditions to continue to sense bubbles throughout fermentation.

  • Avoid rapid temperature changes. All airlocks can experience suck-back, but the Plaato Airlock has a narrow Co2 escape-channel by design. It is therefore more prone to suck-back than most traditional airlocks. This is mostly noticeable, if you cold-crash your brew. In order to eliminate this issue, we designed the Plaato Valve, which eliminates negative pressure for all Airlocks.

If you do not have a Valve, we recommend you keep the temperature stable.

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