How to Sanitise Plaato Airlock

Keeping your Plaato Airlock squeaky clean.

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The brewing process can get messy. It is important that you keep the tools that may come in contact with your brew sanitised and clean at all times.

These parts of the Plaato Airlock should be cleaned and sanitised regularly:

  • The Bubbler

  • The Tritan

  • The Lid

We recommend that you clean using; PBW, bleach, Star San, One Step or similar cleaning agent.

Smart Part

The Smart-part of your device can be separated and does not need to be cleaned.

Important: Should cleaning be necessary due to spillage, do not submerge the smart-part. Clean it with a damp cloth and make sure there is no residue in the micro-usb port.

Other Important Considerations

  • Do not wash the PLAATO Airlock in a dishwasher.

  • Do not use boiling water for cleaning.

  • If the bubbler is stuck in the Tritan, please empty out the water in the airlock and leave it to dry for 24 hours before trying to remove it.

  • To prevent foaming, do not use Star San in the Airlock during fermentation.

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