The LED Modes - Plaato Airlock

Understanding the state of your Airlock.

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Your Plaato Airlock has three LEDs installed on it.

These LEDs are programmed to always indicate the current state your device is in. This helps you understand the mode your device is in, and to know if something has gone wrong with it.

Important: Our support team relies on knowing what LEDs are displayed on your Plaato Airlock when troubleshooting issues. Please always communicate this in writing or through a video when you reach out to the team for support.

Setup mode

All three LEDs breathe simultaneously, indicating that the PLAATO Airlock is ready to be connected to WiFi through the setup in the app.


Sensing mode

PLAATO Airlock is connected to WiFi and is measuring the fermentation activity and temperature. The top LED will flash when a bubble is sensed.


10 seconds interval

If there is an interval of more than 10 seconds between each bubble, all three LEDs will breathe like this👉🏼


Connecting to the cloud

All three LEDs flash simultaneously, indicating that the PLAATO Airlock is transmitting data to the cloud. This is happening during the setup of the device, and when the PLAATO Airlock is transmitting fermentation data to the cloud.



When resetting the PLAATO Airlock, all LEDs will be dark for a few seconds and then light up when the PLAATO Airlock is reset.


Connection error

If the PLAATO Airlock is unable to connect to the WiFi or to the cloud, the bottom LED will be on continuously. Click here for further troubleshooting.


Note: If all three LEDs are continuously on, and you are unable to reset your device, your Airlock might have become faulty. Create a video showing your Airlock in this state and send it to our Support Team through the messenger app at the bottom of this page.

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