Reset The Plaato Airlock

How to reset your Plaato Airlock

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Resetting Plaato Airlock can be necessary when change has occurred on the WiFi-network your Airlock was connected to, or if unexpected errors and challenges occur.

The reset process requires flipping the Tritan part over, and inserting the magnet on it, into the hole marked "Reset". You will find this on the bottom of the Smart-part.

As there are also three other screw-holes on the bottom of the Smart-part, make sure that you select the correct one "Reset".


  1. Connect Plaato Airlock to power
    The Three LEDs on the Airlock will light up.

  2. Remove the Tritan from the Smart-part, and flip both parts upside down
    If the Smart-part is stuck to the Tritan, apply more force to separate them.

    Keep the power plugged in.

  3. Push the flipped Tritan into the bottom of the Airlock
    Align the magnet at the bottom of the Tritan part to the "Reset" hole on the Smart-part, insert it and hold it together.

  4. The reset is completed after 3 seconds. All three LEDs will go off and light up.

After the reset, you will need to redo the first-time setup.

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