Upgrade Plaato Airlock to V3

The changes introduced to Plaato Airlock V3

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The Bubbler

The physical dimensions of the bubbler V3 has been upgraded to help with the problem many users were experiencing with bubblers expanding after longer durations in water. To fix this problem the bubbler has been redesigned from the ground up. The dimensions have been changed to accommodate the expansion of bubbler after longer times in water.


The bubbler will still expand but now fits even when it does. This expansion does not affect the bubbles or how they are counted. This is only related to the material of the bubbler which is still the same giving the optimal surface to create bubbles.

The Lid

The lid for the Plaato Airlock has also been upgraded to accommodate the expansion of the bubbler. The lid will now flex as the bubbler extends, but will still hold it in place. The new design makes it no problem getting the lid back on.


Changes to be aware of

With the changes to the bubbler, there are some things to be aware of. The first is that since the dimensions have changed it is now possible to insert the bubbler into the Tritan the wrong way. It is therefore very important to make sure the bubbler port is aligned with the LEDs when you insert it into the Tritan, as shown below.


The bubbles need to pass through here as this is where the sensor that reads the bubbles is placed.

The second thing to be aware of is that there is a small change in how the bubbler count bubbles. The new bubbler is a bit more sensitive and this may lead to more bubbles being counted and giving an SG and FG that is a bit off. If you are experiencing this we recommend you turn on Learning Mode to optimize the estimation. You can read about the use of Learning Mode here.

Do you have an Airlock V2 and want to upgrade to V3? Here is what to do:

  • Write to us through the messenger app at the bottom right of this page or through support@plaato.io

  • Attach the order confirmation/receipt for the purchase of your Airlock V2. (If you cannot find the receipt, let us know when it was purchased)

  • Send us a full picture of your Airlock V2, showing the Cap and bottom of the Smart-part

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