Phantom Pours

"Phantom" or “Ghost" pours happen when you get a pour notification without anyone drawing from the tap. The Plaato Keg weight-cells are designed to be sensitive, in order to provide a reading that is as accurate as possible.

To avoid phantom/ghost pours certain precautions have to be taken.


Make sure the Plaato Keg is standing on a flat and stable surface.

Avoid laying your Kegs into walls (in a room or in your Kegerator)

Do not place them very close to other Kegs

Ensure that your keg is standing securely without wobbling.


Vibrations can be picked up and register as phantom/ghost pours.

If you have a compressor nearby, keep your Plaato Keg as far away from it as possible.

Scale Sensitivity

You can also lower the Scale Sensitivity in your Settings.

Power supply

Make sure the Keg is connected to a power supply that provides it with at least 5V 2A current. Unstable power connection will register to your Keg as pours.

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