The "Debug" page holds information that helps us in troubleshooting issues your Plaato Keg might run into. In this article we break down the "Debug" page section by section 👇🏼

Calibration info

Offset and Slope

"Offset" &"Slope" are the calibration values for your load-cells, set by the testers.

All Plaato Kegs are calibrated and tested before they leave the factory.


The "ADC" displays the value of the fluid sensor at the bottom of your Plaato Keg.

A "0" ADC value means there is no fluid detected, "1" means there is fluid detected.

Calibrate with known weight

This is used to manually calibrate the Plaato Keg. You will normally not need this.

Important: Do not calibrate your device unless you've contacted support.

This can lead to issues if it is not done correctly.


  1. Find a regular weight scale

  2. Place your filled keg on the weight scale and take note of the measured weight.

  3. Set up your Plaato Keg

  4. Place your filled keg on the Plaato Keg and go to the "Debug" screen of your Plaato Keg

  5. In the "Calibrate with known weight" field, enter in the measured weight you noted down from the regular weight scale and tap "Done"

If you've already used this option and want to reset it, see how to reset your weight calibration

Temperature Offset

The Temperature Offset is used for your temperature sensor. Due to the waterproof casing, the temperature sensor gets heated by the other internal components of your Plaato Keg. This temperature will max out at a certain level, but also varies with the climate your Keg is in. Which is why it is not set at the factory.

When your temperature-sensor has "settled in", you can use this function to offset temperature.

The Options menu

The Options menu is another option that you should rarely have to use.

When you tap on this, a menu with two options will open:

  • Reset Calibration

  • Check for Firmware Update

Reset calibration

If you have used the "Calibrate with known weight" option, you can reset the calibration of your load-cells to factory values with this option.

Check for firmware update

When you select this option, The Plaato Keg will automatically check for and install any firmware updates that are available.

Note: To select one of the above options, scroll to the "Options" field and tap on it

Select "Reset Calibration" or "Check for Firmware Update" and tap "Ok"

You will see the option you just selected in the "Options" field.

Firmware Version

If you experience a problem with the Keg it can be good to check your firmware version first and verify that you have the latest one.

Device info

Device Info displays the WiFi signal strength and firmware-version of your Plaato Keg. If your signal strength it low it can affect the performance of your Keg.

Visual Guide

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