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On the Plaato App, the Plaato Keg pages has functions that will help you set up, troubleshoot and monitor your your Keg. Here is a rundown of the Plaato Keg on the Plaato App to help you navigate 🧭

Monitor Screen

The Monitor Screen of your Plaato Keg provides an overview on various values and metrics that help you continuously keep an eye on your Kegs. Here is what you have on your Monitor Screen:

Last Pour

A field that displays the volume of the last pour from your Keg

Beer Left

A field that displays the volume of beer left in your Keg after every pour


An indication field that turns green when a pour is happening.


A field constantly displaying the temperature


A field displaying the Alcohol by Volume of the content of your keg.

Graph & Chart

A graph that plots the "Pours", "Beer Left" and "Temperature" at all times

A bar chart that visualises the amount of beer left

Original & Final Gravity

A field each that displays the Original and Final Gravity of the content of your Keg

Keg Setup Page

The Keg setup page is where you go to enter in the weight of the content of your Keg before placing it on the Plaato Keg. You also set the Original and Final Gravity of the content of your keg on this page.

Go to Keg Setup for a step-by-step guide on the Keg Setup page.

Settings Page

The Keg Settings Page is where you go to set your Unit, Notifications, Temperature and Scale Sensitivity preference.


Metric or US Customary

Keg Mode

Weight: Volume or Weight

Content: Beer or Co2. (Using Beer for any other liquid content is ok)

Scale Sensitivity

Set how sensitive you prefer your Plaato Keg to be. Very Low, Low, Medium or High

Push Notifications

The notifications currently available are: Pour, Liquid, Temperature and Nearly Empty


Set your preferred Temperature threshold and make sure you have your Temperature Notification turned on.

Debug Screen

The Debug screen of your Plaato Keg is reserved for troubleshooting issues. Please see The Debug Screen for a detailed guide on the Debug Screen.

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