The LED Modes - Plaato Keg

Understanding the state your Plaato Keg is in

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Setup mode

All three LEDs blink fast simultaneously, indicating the Plaato Keg is in Set Up Mode

Connecting to Cloud

After you select your Plaato Keg to connect to it, the three LEDs will light up one after each other from right to left.

Connected to cloud

When your Plaato Keg successfully connects to the cloud. All three LEDs will breathe slowly and simultaneously. You can now set up and place your keg on it

Unable to connect

If your Plaato Keg is not able to connect, the middle LED will continue to blink alone.

Important: If you are experiencing issues with Plaato Keg and the LEDs are blinking differently from any of the states described on this page, please send in a video through the messenger app at the bottom right of this page, showing:

  • The LED Mode state your Keg is in.

  • The Issue you are seeing.

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