Before use:

  • Make sure the power connector is dry when you connect it to power. The Plaato Keg is water-resistant, but if there is moisture in the power port when connected to power it will damage the product.

  • Do not use a dishwasher to clean the Plaato Keg (even if it fits very well in there).

  • Power requirements: 5V and minimum 2A for each Plaato Keg.

When in use:

Maintaining a stable environment

  • All three load-cells under your Plaato Keg need to have solid footing in order to capture and display accurate weight readings.

  • The Keg you place on top also needs to be standing securely, as wobbling will register as false pours.

  • Avoid placing your Keg close to a source of vibration, like a compressor.

    Although you can reduce the sensitivity of the load-cells in the app, we recommend that you keep potential disturbances at a minimum.

Always check that you have:

  • A flat surface

  • A level surface

  • Minimal vibrations

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