Is the Plaato Keg waterproof?

The Plaato Keg holds an IP67 waterproofing standard, and has water detection builtin so that it can notify you if there are any leaks in your Kegerator. However, as with other waterproof electronics moisture in the power connector when the Keg is connected to power will cause damage.

If you've had a leak in your keezer/kegerator, disconnect your Keg from power and take it out of the kegerator. Make sure the power connector is dry and clean of debris before you reconnect it to power.

How do I power the Plaato Keg to from my Kegerator?

The Plaato Keg Cord is designed to be flat enough to pass under the door of a Kegerator. You do not have to drill a hole in your Kegerator.

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