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FAQs - Plaato Airlock Data

Frequently asked questions about Plaato Airlock Fermentation Data

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Can I get access to the raw data?

Yes, there are three ways to get hold of the data.

1. You can export the data from the app. You will get three .csv files with the raw data.

2. You can access the data with our API, read more about that here.

3. You can connect a webhook to the device in the app. So every time the airlock sends data it will send a packet with the data to the webhook. Read more about the webhook here.

Can I export my fermentation data?

Yes, you can export the fermentation data from your Plaato Airlock.

Please see here for a guide on how to export your data

What data is contained in the exported file from my Plaato Airlock?

The data exported from your Airlock is the fermentation data (Gravity, Temperature) You can upload and view this data on Plaato Beautifier: Plaato Beautifier

Does Plaato Airlock work with Alexa?

No, we currently do not support Alexa.

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