Never miss defining fermentation moments with Plaato Pro Batch Alerts 🔔

Set up Temperature and/or Density thresholds, and receive notifications once your batch hits or crosses the thresholds.

With Plaato Pro Batch Alerts you can take timely actions that will impact the quality of your batch.


  • Batch Alerts are currently set up on Plaato Pro Mobile App only.

  • Push notifications have to be allowed on your mobile device

  • Batch Alerts can only be set up and linked to Batches.

  • Batch Alerts only sends Density and Temperature notifications.

  • All the users registered on your account will receive the notification.

Create a Batch Alert

  1. Turn on Push Notifications on your mobile device

  2. Launch your Plaato Pro App and tap on "Batches".

  3. Select the batch you are interested in

  4. On the "Batch Details" screen, tap on "Alerts > Add Alert"

  5. Customise the alert message you want to receive in the "Alert Message" field

  6. Select Density or Temperature in the "Notify When" drop down menu

  7. Tap on the "Select Comparator" to set up your conditions

  8. Enter your Temperature or Density

  9. Tap Create Alert to complete and save it.


Your Batch Alerts will send every time the threshold is hit or crossed during the fermentation batch only.

Edit and Delete Batch Alerts


  • Go to the alert and tap on it

  • Enter your changes and tap on"Save" to complete your edit


  • Go to the alert and tap on it

  • Tap on Delete and confirm deletion

Write in to PLAATO Support through the messenger app on our webpages or to

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