What is Placker and how to connect with Trello

The Projects by Placker Power-Up helps you view multiple projects in the same screen, understanding their connections and making good decisions for the whole portfolio.

After syncing Trello and Placker, you can select many boards and view a board, gantt or Track view that applies to all of them.

Combining boards with Trello + Placker

We made it easy to view your boards as one. The first step to achieve this is to create a Board group, as shown in this article.

Then, in the board view, you will see all boards in the same screen. Clicking the "combine boards" button will merge temporarily all lists with the same titles as if all cards were part of the same board.

When cards are moved between lists, we check the original board to make sure there is a list on this board with the same title. If there is no list you will get a pop-up to ask you to move, copy or mirror the card to the new board.

On the other hand, when cards are already combined, clicking "Split boards" will make you see the boards separate again.

In the recording below, we select three boards, save a group and combine the boards.

Setting a different layout

When looking at multiple boards, you might want to see them grouped by a different category than the default lists. For example, it's possible to see the cards assigned to each member as a list.

To know more about this useful feature, check this article.

Questions, issues and feedback

If the steps above weren't clear or if you followed them and couldn't get anything done, please reach out to us using the chat button at the lower right corner of this page.

Not yet a Placker user?

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