Getting started with Planday is easy, but before you start scheduling, you need to register your employees in the system. Follow the steps below to get started.

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In this guide, we’ll use a small restaurant as an example, but the steps are the same for businesses in all industries.

Create Departments

In Planday, the Schedule is organized into Departments, meaning you’ll need one Department for each of your current schedules. For a restaurant, this typically means you’ll have one Department for Front of House and one for Back of House.

You’ll later assign your employees to a Department based on where in the business they can work. Check out the structure of Planday, if you want to see more on the system’s logic.

  • Go to People > Employees and select Create department.

  • Give the Department a name, and if you've already created Employees you can add them to the Department.

  • Click Save.


Create Employee groups

Employee groups help organize your staff based on skills and the roles they perform in the business. Departments control where employees can work, while Employee groups control what roles/shifts an employee can cover. Go to People > Employees > Create employee group.

Departments and Employee groups are the two main building blocks of Planday. For flexibility, each employee can be assigned to multiple Departments and Employee groups.

When you later create shifts in Planday, only employees assigned to the Department and Employee group set to the shift can pick it up.

The following Employee groups are most common in restaurants:

  • Chef

  • Waiter

  • Bartender

  • Runner

To create an Employee group:

  • Go to People > Employees > Create Employee group.

  • Give the Employee group a name, and if you've already created employees you can add them to the Employee group.

  • Click Save.


Create Employees

You can now create Employees and assign them to Departments and Employee groups based on what roles they can perform in the business. Go to People > Employees > Create employee.

When creating Employees, we recommend adding their contact information so you can invite them to Planday. In addition, you can assign your employees to Departments and Employee groups, which will determine which shifts they can cover in the Schedule. 

  • Go to People > Employees and select Create employee.

  • Fill out their name and contact information.

  • Add the Employee to one or more Departments.

  • Add the Employee to one or more Employee groups, and set their hourly wage per Employee group.

  • After you've added the information, select Save.

  • Send login information to your new staff member, which will be delivered to the email address associated with their account.

  • If you want to send login information later, you can bulk invite when you're done with the setup.


Start scheduling

With Departments, Employee groups, and Employees created, you're ready to start scheduling. Go to Schedule > Schedule in the top menu, and choose wherever you want to create a shift. It's as easy as that. 

In the Schedule you can work in three different views: Employees, Groups, and Positions. For now, you should get what you need from the Employees and Groups views. For more on the Positions view, please have a look at this article.

Create shifts

To create a shift, click on the Schedule where you want to create the shift. Shifts can be created from any one of the three views: Groups, Employees, and Positions.

Move shifts with drag and drop

To move a shift, simply drag and drop it to wherever you want. This feature is especially useful if you are assigning Open shifts from the Employees view. Just drag an Open shift and drop it to assign it to an employee.

Copy shifts

If you have the same shift on multiple days, copy the shift by holding down Alt/Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows), then drag and drop a copy of the shift wherever you need it.

Delete shifts

Shifts can be deleted individually, or you can bulk delete all shifts in a single week.

  • Delete a single shift: Click the shift, then click Delete at the bottom of the dialog box. 

  • Delete all shifts in a week: Go to Tools in the top right corner and select Delete this week.

Create and use Templates 

When you’ve familiarized yourself with the schedule and want to bring down the time you spend scheduling, it’s time to dive into schedule templates. Check out this article for more information on Templates.

Set up Punch Clock and approve time sheets  

Do you want to track your employees’ hours in Planday? With Punch Clock employees can start and end their shifts using the app, and you can approve time sheets for payroll from within Planday. In addition, you can always compare the scheduled shifts to what the employees actually worked. This is a great tool for continuously improving your schedule and staying in control of costs. You can find out more about Punch Clock in this article.

Invite your employees  

When your schedule is ready, and Punch Clock is set up, you can invite your employees in one go. 

Go to People > Employees and click Send logins, which you'll find under the Tools menu. You can also filter on Departments.

There's more on inviting Employees in this article.

Get started Webinar Series

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