After scheduling your PlanOmatic appointment, you will want to make sure that your listing is ready for photos to avoid an onsite cancellation, return visit for a second shoot or any other fees that may apply. So, what exactly does photo ready mean? 

  • Any spaces that will  be photographed are cleaned, decluttered and organized

  • Any staging is completed - we will not help adjust furniture for liability reasons

  • Turn on all lights; turn off all ceiling fans.

  • Close garage doors and remove vehicles from the driveway

  • Pillows, blankets, furniture, blinds, and curtains are adjusted to your preference

  • All landscaping is complete, lawn trimmings are discarded and trash cans are not visible

At PlanOmatic, it is our goal to ensure that agents have the resources they need to succeed. We have made our “Photo Ready Guide” available to be viewed and downloaded in your appointment confirmation email, on our website, and within this article for your convenience. 

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