Timing is absolutely critical when you begin to market your property, and the timing of your photography appointment is no different. The time of your appointment can be the difference between a good photo and a truly GREAT photo. Below are a few basic guidelines to follow when scheduling your appointment to ensure that you get the best photos possible. 

  • Always consider what time of day the sun is on the front of the home. 

  • Homes with a dark interior shoot best in the morning or afternoon

  • If the home faces East, a morning appointment is suggested. Our photographers usually get started at 9 AM. 

  • If the home faces West, an afternoon appointment is suggested. We generally recommend 2 PM. 

  • If the home faces North, a 12 PM appointment is suggested. 

  • If the home faces South, a morning or afternoon appointment is suggested. 9 AM or 2 PM would both work well. 

  • SunCalc is a great resource to see what time provides optimal lighting for any given property.

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