Playbook is used by Creators for 3 key purposes:

(a) Full-time income: they their main source of income to come from a digital solution
(b) Part-time income: they want a digital solution that gives them a side income
(c) For their clients: they want to offer an easy to use digital solution for their clients, so they have something on the go and are not necessarily concerned about scaling their business to new clients.

What you can offer on Playbook!

The Feed 

Share your 10 latest workouts. Publish a new workout, the 11th oldest archives. The Feed is great for customers who want one-off workouts and makes it easy so you do not have to create new programs all the time


You can offer a variety of programs in a variety of formats like challenges, classes, etc. (some examples: January Shred 21-day challenge, Killer Curves program, etc)


Share your grocery shopping list, meal schedule, etc. 


Standalone videos where you can talk about anything and everything your customers want to hear from you (skincare routines, thoughts on any topic, etc.)

Stories (30 second motivational videos)

Just like Instagram stories, short motivational clips that expire after 24 hours

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