Peloton, Nike, Aaptiv, Fitocracy, etc. are all “single sided platforms which means they own you, you don't own the business. 

  • They try to tie you down with contracts and exclusivities 
  • They own your content for life
  • They own your brand > they can market you however they want
  • They own you customer > they will never give you your customer's information 
  • They own your revenue > they will market other people to your customers
  • You cannot create new content whenever you want > poor customer experience as content gets old fast (customers do want same old videos, audio, etc)  
  • You cannot interact directly with your paying customers inside the experience 

What we offer you is a real platform to grow your business!:

  • You own your content
  • You own your customers & data (for example, if for example somebody subscribes to your channel, their email gets added to your mailing list)
  • You get real-time analytics on your audience to engage with those who matter
  • You can create content as frequently as you want
  • A world-class modern app experience for your customers. We've spent years building a beautiful app experience for your subscribers to consume your content
  • Support - we give you the training and resources to help you grow your business 

For example, if you start with us, you are not locked down for life and there is no contract that holds you to us. We are 100% here to support you and YOUR business

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