We get this question all the time and work with a lot of creators who have tried their own perviously. One of our creators even partnered with a celeb and that did not work out. We're not saying to convince you of anything nor discourage you, we're only here to be helpful as you make your decision. 

Engineering/ product development 

  • Our app cost millions to make and would cost the same for one creator
  • You need great engineers to build great technology - engineers are expensive 
  • Bad developers will quote you a cheap price and you'll keep having to plunge in money over time for bug fixes and new features 
  • Development never stops - if you want a decent app on iOS and Android that has no bugs, your in for a long journey 

The most important reason for you 

  • You want to give your customers and incredible experience. Top apps today have armies of resources and engineers - getting harder and harder to complete as an individual when it comes to the experience a user will get 
  • Your customers are going to want - iOS, Android, streaming to other devices, interaction with you through the app, tracking, new content all the time, etc - that is a TON to build! 

Focus on what is valuable: 

  • We don't lock you in an contract or own your content so you can learn on us 
  • You should focus on what drives revenue which is (a) new content (b) engaging with your customers (c) enhancing your sales & marketing IQ

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