No! At Playbook you own your customer for life as long as you are on the platform. Your customers are forever linked to you, regardless if they browse around the app. We've built your channel to make it feel like your app. We give all our creators a personalized deep-link so when users log onto the app, the first thing they see is an intro video from you. Every subsequent time they open the app, the first thing they see is your channel.

Users can see content from other creators, but you own the economics on that customer 100% and they get access to all the content on the platform which keeps them paying you longer. For example, you might be a Crossfit instructor, and one of your subscribers might occasionally want to do a Yoga class - they will want to stay on Playbook longer because they can access a wider variety of content, and you still get 100% of the money from that customer - for life.

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