Playbook is based on a subscription. We offer 3 subscription plans to consumers.

Subscription Tiers

Monthly - $14.99
Quarterly - $39.99
Annually - $99.99

How you get paid 

Apple and Android take 30% of every dollar on the app store. We take 20%. You get 50% of every tier. So on an annual subscription you make $50 on the customer.

You get paid at the end of every month. Quarterly and annual are earned out monthly, not upfront at once.

You get paid in two ways (your check is comprised of both types of customers):

  1. Customers that sign up from your link: Customer comes in through your deep link you own that customer’s economics for the life you and they are on the app.
  2. Customers that discover you on the app: Customer comes in randomly, then we pay you based off how much of your content they use. 
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