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Managing Your Classes
Managing Your Classes

How to manage your classes and add your students

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Managing your classes and students is easy with Wordcraft.

Manage Classes

From your teacher dashboard, you can add classes by clicking New Class. You can quickly switch classes using the class dropdown in the top left corner.

click the dropdown to switch between classes

When the school year ends, you may want to archive your classes. Students in archived classes will still have access to Wordcraft, but their information will be hidden from your dashboard. If necessary you can unarchive a class.

Add Students

Wordcraft provides a couple of options for adding students to a class. You may add your students manually or you can give them a class code.

1. Add students manually

From your dashboard click Add Students and then click I would like to add my students manually. From here you can type your student's name and click Add Student.

click "I would like to add my students manually." after clicking the Add Students button

2. Add students with a class code

Each of your classes has a distinct class code. The class code will always be visible in the top left corner of your dashboard.

Students who enter a class code when they sign up will automatically join your class. If a student does not sign up with a class code, they can still join your class by clicking Join Class in the navigation bar after they have signed up.

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