"Writing on the back of a digital photo"

Folks are pretty familiar with writing on the back of photo prints. But what do you do with your digital photos?

That's where tagging comes in.  A form of metadata, that resides "inside" of your digital photos. This information travels with your photo so that when you move it to another device, share it, or import it into another program, the data travels with the photo.


Many people, especially photographers, love to tag every photo with searchable keyboards. It's a great idea, especially if you have a lot of photos that are scattered in various places across your devices.

Personally, though, I use tags selectively, especially when using PLNAR. PLNAR already does a fantastic job grouping and labeling your photos, so your tags should be used to call out areas of interest or particular attributes. Say for instance your upstairs bathroom has a leak and you are doing a big renovation. After documenting your space, you may take a few specific photos of any damage that occurred as a result of the leak for your contractor or insurance specialist. You can use tags such as Damage, Water Leak, to help the reviewer quickly identify its presence.


Once your photos are uploaded to the portal, you can add new or additional tags and descriptions to your project photo set using the tag & describe the interface.

Step 1: Click the Photos tab view the project photos.

Step 2: Multi-select the photos you wish to tag and/or describe.

Step 3: Once selected, click the tag & describe icon on the bottom pop-up toolbar.

Step 4: Optionally, select tags, add location data, and create a description. 

Step 5: Save to update your selected photos. 

There you have it. Easy-peasy!

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