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How to Download the PLNAR SNAP App
How to Download the PLNAR SNAP App

A step-by-step guide on downloading & installing the PLNAR SNAP iOS & Android app.

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Prior to completing a SNAP project, you'll need to download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Just follow the steps below to download & install the app. 

Note: SNAP project links are invite-only. Users who have not generated a project link or received one via SMS & email will be unable to proceed through the SNAP application. Use the chat window to reach out, learn more, & see if PLNAR Snap is a good fit for your business.

Download / Install via SMS

  1.  Open your text message app from your mobile device and search for "SNAP". On project creation, you should have received a text message with download link instructions. Here's a quick vid on how it works:

2. Tap the provided link. Based on your device, it will automatically take you to the appropriate app or play store. Download the SNAP app.


3. That's it! Now your ready to complete your SNAP project. Once installed, you'll automatically receive a new text message with project link. Tap the link to open the app and complete your project.

Note: PLNAR has another AR application under the name of PLNAR as opposed to PLNAR SNAP. It is a great app that can be used to measure spaces but is not designed to file claims. If you found that your app does not look like the images above, please go back to the appropriate app or play store and search PLNAR SNAP, or alternatively follow the link in the message sent from your adjuster.

Do you have more questions regarding the SNAP App? Check out the answers to the most FAQ about the app in our learning center here.

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