Once a project has been created and sent, the project has a status assigned to it in the portal. Originally, the project itself will be gray and locked. It will be released first by allowing access to the photos once the project has been submitted.

After the user (insured/policyholder) submits a project from the SNAP app, a model will be generated within 24 hours on standard business days. Therefore, M-F projects move from processing to processed in 24 hours or less. However, a project submitted on a Friday will be completed by the following Monday.

If the project status has been in the "capturing" state for a while, the user may have not successfully submitted a project. Try resending the project link from the portal. Learn how here.

Project Status


  • New Project Created | Initiated

  • Link has been delivered to recipient via SMS and Email


  • App user has downloaded/installed the app

  • Field photo capture has begun


  • After the App user has submitted the project and is being processed by the AI system

  • Portal user will receive a notification email with the photo report


  • Model and Report generation has been completed

  • Smartpix measurement in photo is ready

  • Completion email with links to project assets sent to portal user


  • PLNAR is unable to produce the assets due to incomplete photo capture

  • Review notification email with recommended actions sent to the portal user

Photo Only Report

If after the claim is processed you still have not received a full report just photos, confirm the user is using a compatible device. If they don't have one, have the user ask a family member or friend to assist, with a new device, to take photos. If not the user will only be able to upload a photo only report from their browser.

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