If this is your first time using the SNAP app, take a moment to watch the video below that walks through the basic flow for room capture.

As seen in the video, the general flow of the SNAP app is to capture the corners, details including damage, ceiling, and finally perimeter.

The nature of this process means that there is no specific number of photos to take, but instead, take the number of photos that are sufficient to capture the space. A smaller square space may be able to be captured in 10 photos, but a larger custom kitchen will take photos more to capture the full detail.

Capturing the video of the room is another process that varies from project to project. The time prompted to walk the perimeter of the room varies based on the initial estimate of the square footage taken from the model. However, this time only serves as a guide, if you can add more time easily once the initial video is complete, and, if you make a mistake, all you need to do is tap the white circle to restart. If you have a significant amount of extra time, consider restarting and walking slower or just letting it time out.

Once your first room is complete, you can add additional rooms in the project menu screen by clicking the orange plus button and completing the same process. However, once you click submit the project will lock to allow for post-processing, so don't click submit until you've documented your entire space.

The process is meant to be as simple as possible as long as you follow a few key points.

  1. Allow as much light into the room as possible and capture the photos slowly to improve photo quality. Reducing the movement of your phone by pointing at the floor as much as reasonable during the room capture process will also help you create an accurate model.

  2. Capture different aspects of the room as they are prompted. Trying to capture the damage first or otherwise disrupting the flow can break the model and may require you to recapture the room after the review process.

  3. Restart the room capture process if there are any disruptions such as a phone call or dropping your phone. All previous rooms will be unaffected, but the model is likely to be skewed if it can't capture the entire room at once.

Note: There are a few reasons why a project link would get resent to you by the adjuster. If you receive a second link, please use the most recent link, follow the same steps, and any guidance that is provided with the link.

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