Plnar snap in combination with the plnar portal can develop a model of the rooms and generate customizable reports. However, if you still want to import the data into Xactimate, here is a guide on how to make the process easy as possible.

  1. In the plnar portal, click export in the top right corner and select 2D Plan Views (ZIP). Open and locate the file once it is finished downloading.

  2. Open up Xactimate and use the Details page on the plnar portal to fill in basic information from the project.

  3. After you have filled out the details, in the sketch tab you can import the 2D plan (jpeg) as an underlay. Using the underlay, define the length of the longest wall using the information in the plnar portal and then trace the rest of the plan. 

2D-Plan Import Underlay Tutorial

All Plans Image File Trace-over Demo

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