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Features and Capabilities of a PLNAR Model
Features and Capabilities of a PLNAR Model

What are some of the features of the PLNAR model and how they can be enhanced with Xactimate.

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Using a combination of images, video, and augmented reality, PLNAR SNAP can generate an accurate model of any room. The model is not inhibited by cabinets or other structures that block the view of the perimeter of the room. PLNAR can model the perimeter of the room, place the major structures within it, and provide accurate dimensions of all of it.

To quickly get measurements of an object, go to your model view. Simply click on the structure you wish to view measurements, within the 3D model diagram. You will notice, the measurement for the cabinet in the upper left corner below.

A fully customizable report of every project is available in PDF format which includes project summaries, plans, and photos. However, you can also download the photos and 2D plans as JPEGs and the measurements can be downloaded as a CSV.

Currently, the best way to merge multiple floor plans into one is by using Xactimate, a standard tool for most adjusters. Xactimate also allows you to add stairs that are not a part of the original model. An expanded tutorial for how to use our plans as an underlay can be found in our article about Xactimate compatibility.

If you have more questions regarding the SNAP App, please check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the app in our learning center located here

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