Reviewing and Editing Rooms

After completing your first room, you will be able to view the main details in the project menu screen. From here you can access the PHOTOS menu (the landscape) and the EDIT menu (the pencil). You can also click SUBMIT from here once all your rooms are complete.

Photos Menu

The Photos Menu gives you the option to review all the photos associated with that room. If you catch mistakes or blurry photos, click REDO in the top right corner to recapture your room. Just be careful because this will overwrite all your existing data. Since the room uses augmented reality, there's no way to just redo one photo which is why it's important to be slow and intentional when you capture your room.

Edit Menu

Here, you can change the name of the room and add/edit the description associated with it. This menu also allows you to delete the room if you captured the wrong space. Just hit the red DELETE button. If you delete a room, it will not be sent to your adjuster.


Your rooms automatically save once you complete them, but clicking submit prematurely will lock your project. Make sure you've documented your house and reviewed all your rooms before you click the SUBMIT PROJECT button!

If you submit a project unintentionally, contact either your insurance adjustor or the PLNAR team to unlock your project.

If you have more questions regarding the SNAP App, please check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the app in our learning center located here.

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