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How to Assign or Reassign Projects
How to Assign or Reassign Projects

Learn how to search for projects, find unassigned projects, and assign projects to yourself or others within your org.

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Portal Users & Admins of companies enabled for "Project Assign | Re-assign" are able to search across your org's project database, locate projects that are unassigned, and even re-assign projects from one user to another.

Note: If you would like this feature enabled for your company, reach out to a PLNAR representative to get your team situated.

Video Tutorial:

Search & Find Project

Using the search bar in the upper left of the portal interface, you can search via assignment/claim # or project ID (snp-xxxxxx). Just type in your preferred value, tap "Enter" on the keyboard and the search will commence.

Assigning | Reassigning Projects

Unassigned Projects

If the project returned via search, is "Unassigned", an "Assign to Me" link will be available under the Project Initiator column. Simply click/confirm to take ownership of the project.

Refresh your screen, and voila! It will appear in your project list view.

Previously Assigned Projects

Looking to re-assign a project from one user to another? Can do using the re-assign feature.

Using the same search technique outlined above, find the project you wish to re-assign. Click the gear icon next to the project name to open the Project Options menu.

With the menu displayed, click the RE-ASSIGN button to activate the field. Search for yourself or the assignee you wish to delegate the project to. Click SAVE to confirm.

Just refresh your project list for the settings to take effect.

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