Closing Projects

To close a project, launch the PLNAR Portal and locate your client's project on the project list view.

Click the gear icon next to the initiated status icon. This will open the project option menu.

Located in the upper-right, you'll find the Close Project button. Click to close the project and remove it from your list view (upon refresh). Closing a project is like archiving an email, it removes it from view without deleting all its data. This helps keep your inbox clutter-free!

To view/hide closed projects, click the middle icon that looks like an eye on in the top-right corner of the main view.

Re-opening a project follows the same procedure. Be sure to Show Hidden Projects using the icon above to find a previously closed project.

If you have more questions regarding the SNAP App, please check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the app in our learning center located here

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