PLNAR’s Easy Plan Trace Over within the CoreLogic Symbility Consoles

Now included in your project’s PLNAR 2D Plan attachment is a single All Plans image file with a grid view of all project plans. This allows you to quickly import and set the scale across all the plans in one fell swoop for the entire project for easy ingestion as well as trace over.

Here is a quick video that demonstrates the process:

  1. In Claims Connect, open the project you are working on and go to the "Documents" tab.

  2. Once there, scroll all the way down to Documents\PLNAR Attachments. Click on the one labeled 2D PLANS-SNP-(followed by the project number). This will download a Zip file.

  3. Using the download bar at the bottom, use the ^ icon to expand an options menu and click “Show in folder”.

  4. Right-click the highlighted file, and select "Extract All." Update the extraction location to something familiar says "My Documents" or "Desktop" for easy reference.

  5. Navigate to Symbility Mobile Claims. Open the corresponding project & add a blank floorplan.

  6. With the diagram canvas opened, navigate to the “View” tab in the upper left and click on "Background Blueprint" and select "Browse".

  7. Locate your previously saved 2D Plans pack and select/open the "All rooms - 2D Plan.png" or click on the diagram you want to underlay.

  8. The Import Blueprint Scale Factor window will appear. Expand to give yourself some additional real-estate. Simply use your mouse to draw one line on one wall that you have measurements for. Enter the known wall length, and the plans will automatically be inserted as a background on your diagramming canvas.

  9. Once set, you can trace over the underlay, recreating the room. Add doors, windows, openings, etc.

  10. After your diagram is finished, return to the blueprint background and unclick the 2D plan diagram from PLNAR. This will remove the underlay image but keep your traced diagram.

  11. Then add your line items as you see fit. And that’s it!

The All Plans image file makes the adjuster data transfer process quick and easy even for those large multi-plan projects

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