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Can the model be affected by obstructions? Does PLNAR model cabinets?
Can the model be affected by obstructions? Does PLNAR model cabinets?

What will be recreated in the model? Will cabinets be shown? What about a fridge or an oven? Or a fireplace?

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PLNAR SNAP easily measures through most obstructions including plants and cabinets. If the policyholder used the app for the project, PLNAR will be able to create the 3-D model. Within the room layout, PLNAR will only recreate objects that cannot be moved from the room, such as built-in cabinets as well as fireplaces, and avoid movable objects, such as refrigerators or ovens.

For example, the model below recreates a kitchen. This view can be found in either the "SUMMARY" or the "SMART PIX" tabs when you open a project. The red arrow points to a selected built-in cabinet and its dimensions are shown in the top left hand corner, inside of the red box in the picture. The green structures in the model represent other unmovable objects in the kitchen. On the other hand, the purple arrow points to an area where the fridge and dishwasher were in this kitchen. These objects were not recreated as they are able to be moved. Cool, right?

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