As soon as PLNAR receives the data from the SNAP App, the project changes from "CAPTURING" to "SUBMITTED." If a project is still in capturing, it is very likely that the project was NOT submitted successfully.

This may have happened because the user exited out of the SNAP App too soon. Some policyholders do this because it takes longer than expected to submit the project due to a weak phone signal. It may be necessary to ask the insured to try to submit the project again. Please emphasize that a strong and stable internet connection is very helpful when submitting a project with multiple rooms. Follow the steps listed below to make sure a project is successfully submitted.

First, open the PLNAR SNAP App. Click on the arrow pointing to the right located in the lower right corner of the screen until the button GET STARTED shows up. Click on GET STARTED.

Then, click on View Previous Projects.

This will then take you to a list of projects you have already started. An unsubmitted project would look like the one pointed by the red arrow in the picture below. Click on the unsubmitted project to open it.


To make sure the project was submitted, the following MUST show up in the users phone after they click SUBMIT PROJECT inside of the app.

If the user exits before this appears on their phone, it is very likely that the project will not be not successfully submitted.

If you have more questions regarding the SNAP App, please check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about the app in our learning center located here.

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